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    • Unit(s)


  • Pages: 52
  • Format: 21x14 cm
  • Edition Date: 2013
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: Gallego.
  • Binding: Tapa blanda o Bolsillo - Con solapas.
  • Operario

  • 9788494034961
  • Author: Jano Viñuela Agra [Autor]

  • Contributor: Henrique Torreiro Sansebastián

  • This textbook is composed of six units in which we will look at the letters of the Arabic alphabet in groups, to highlight the similarity between certain letters and make it easier to learn the script. In each unit, letters are introduced one by one, showing how each one is written and pronounced, based on the following model. First, you will find a box introducing the letter, the different ways in which it can be written and the pronunciation. We also include a word in Arabic that begins with that letter and which will help to identify the letter. We indicate if this letter is a sun letter or a moon letter, which is also a feature of its pronunciation. Then, we practice writing this letter. Finally, you will find a series of exercises helping you to identify the letter visually and by sound. These exercises also develop your writing skills and your vocabulary. The answers are found at the end of the book.
  • 28,71 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available

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