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  • Edition: 1
  • Language: Inglés.
  • Binding: Libro digital.
  • Dogs. Pet owner educational atlas

  • 9788494277597
  • Author: Editorial Servet [Autor]

  • Translator: óscar Deza Del Olmo

  • The growing concern of dog owners for their pet?s health results in a greater demand for information and explanations from their vet. This atlas aims at assisting vets in this communication task, since it shows a series of high-quality illustrations, which clinicians will be able to use in order to transmit their messages in the most effective way possible. Objective and scope of the book Each of the illustrations is thought to help in the different fields and specialties of canine clinical medicine. That is why this atlas has been structured by systems and shows many of the most common diseases in dogs. The clarity and precision of the drawings, thought to facilitate and reduce the time spent on explanations to the owner, turn this atlas into another useful clinical tool.
  • 79,87 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available

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